A One-Day Getaway

Call us crazy, but we actually drove to Vancouver on the last day of the long weekend just to do Science World and catch the Lions-Blue Bombers game. (No, we didn’t drive back the same night — we’re not THAT crazy.) We spent one night in a hotel near the football stadium and then drove back super early the next day. None of us were thrilled when the alarm went off, but Justin had a 1:30 appointment we had to be back for, so we needed an early start.

Still, despite the two early mornings and the 10 hours of driving, it was a nice little getaway. Science World is always fun, and this time we even saw an Omnimax film about the building of the trans-Canada railway that was pretty interesting. I knew Justin would love the football game, given his current obsession with sports, but I thought it might be harder to keep Brayden entertained — but he surprised us all by really getting into the spirit of things, cheering when everyone else did and screaming his head off when the announcer told the crowd to make some noise. All good.