Why I Love the Back-to-School Season

I never know how to react when someone comments that the summer is flying by. The implication seems to be that precious time is slipping away and gloomier days will soon be upon us.

I don’t see it that way. I always look forward to September. And not just because the kids get out of the house for much of the day (though that is a compelling factor).

Here are my top 5 reasons for looking forward to the end of summer:

1. Routine is good. Call me anal (you wouldn’t be the first), but I actually like being busy, and knowing what’s coming next. It gives me a sense of purpose, which also leads to a sense of accomplishment. So yeah, I like routine.

2. We’re up early anyway. A lot of moms groan when they think of trying to drag sleepy kids out of bed in time to get to class. We don’t have that problem. Justin’s up with the dawn no matter what, so having something to fill the morning is always good.

3. I get to be social too. I like getting the chance to chat with other moms while we wait for the bell to ring. It helps me feel connected to a wider community. There’s more to life than Facebook.

4. Fall is my favorite season. I actually prefer it when there’s a slight chill in the air and you have to wear jeans and maybe a sweater. It’s such a cozy time of year. And I still love crunching all those gorgeous leaves.

5. I love watching my kids grow and learn. A new school year is a reminder that they’re moving on to bigger and better things. I’ve never wished I could go back a stage in parenting — it’s just too cool to see my boys growing into mature and self-sufficient beings.

So while I may be counting the days until school begins again, it’s not just because I’m anxious to kick my kids out of the house. It’s not because we haven’t had a good summer and enjoyed each other’s company. It’s because I look forward to the next stage.

And I refuse to apologize for that.