Deep Breaths…

Be careful what you wish for, I guess. I was so focused on the thrill of getting the kids back to school that I kind of forgot how hectic our schedule would suddenly become.

Yes, I get six blissful kid-free hours during the day to get my stuff done — but there aren’t too many spare minutes once that final bell rings. Three afternoons a week are taken up with soccer practices and Justin’s therapy sessions, Saturdays are devoted to soccer games, and Sundays are busy with swimming lessons. In between all this we have to squeeze in homework, Justin’s OT exercises and both boys’ bike riding practice. I should start teaching Brayden how to tie his shoes, but God knows when I’ll find the time. Whew.

And it’s only going to get crazier once I start my job next month. I’ve got a nine-month editing contract starting in late October. They’re letting me work 9-2, so I can still keep up with the mad rush of after-school activities (lucky me!) while trying to also fit in all the stuff I now do during the school day (laundry, shopping…) I know a million other moms deal with this work-life balance thing all the time, I know September is always a crazy adjustment period, and I know I’ll find a routine that works for me — eventually.

The good news is that the kids don’t seem to be nearly as stressed out as I am. They’re happy with their new teachers, they’re making new friends, and they’re eating the lunches I’m sending, so that’s all good. There was even a day last week that Brayden didn’t lose any of his stuff. I call that progress.

One day at a time, right?