East Coast Adventure: Day 1

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of baseball, but I do appreciate history and tradition, and Fenway Park has that in spades. So when I discovered the Blue Jays were playing the Red Sox on our first day in Boston, I snapped up a couple tickets. The weather was in doubt right up until an hour before game time, but then the skies miraculously cleared and we had a truly glorious afternoon (never mind that the Jays lost). What an amazing place to watch a game.

Not that Fenway is the only historical site in Boston. We actually started the day by touring the navy yard, home to the U.S.S. Constitution. Launched in 1797, it’s the oldest commissioned naval vessel still afloat. We took the free guided tour and got to see the main deck, the cannons, and the crew hammocks. It didn’t really compare to the U.S.S. Missouri that we saw in Hawaii, or the Midway that we saw in San Diego, but it was an okay way to spend an hour.

More history tomorrow…