Stream of Consciousness

It’s so cool to peek inside Justin’s head. I just had to share this example of the notes he’s been keeping on his iPod:

“It’s Friday And New Year’s Eve Is A Spechail Day My Grandparents Are Staying We Left A Present For Auntie Tanya We Opened The Other Presents My Grandparents Were Not Here Christmas Day I Had My Field Trip To My Puppet Show And My Vision Screening At Kindergarten Us And The Afternoon Class Went Up On The Stage For My Christmas Concert I Was Sick For Sharing On Teusday On November I Had My Other Field Trip On A School Bus To The Hospital I Saw Megan To Take Her Home Here And Kurtis To Kindergarten My Parents Had There Christmas Party On December 11 While We Were In Bed During Night Time Not Quiet Time I Remembered My Rules For Quiet Time No Talking I Never Talk In Bed No Going Across The Bed I Never Go Across Beds No Standing I don’t Stand On Someone Elses Bed In There Bedrooms My Parents Never Ask My Grandparents It’s Okay”

OK, so every word is capitalized and there’s an almost complete lack of punctation, but considering we thought he was just typing out the names of the kids in his class, this is amazing. I don’t fully understand why he does so much better with written language than verbal stuff (that must just be the way he processes things) but it’s really neat to get a sense of what’s been going through his mind. Good stuff.