Good News

Justin has made incredible progress in the last few months: his conversational skills have vastly improved, he’s much more confident socially, and the anxiety that used to paralyze him has virtually disappeared. Even his behavior interventionists can’t get over how far he’s come. It makes me want to weep when I remember what a mess he was last summer. I’ll never know if it was the autism program that made the most difference, or if it was going to kindergarten, or even if he just grew into some skills as he got a bit older, but it doesn’t matter. He’s got it together now, and I feel so blessed.

More good news: the school has finally acknowledged that Justin is a super smart cookie, and they’re now working on getting him a more challenging program. At first I was told they don’t really do enrichment stuff at the kindergarten level, plus they had their hands full with Justin’s social issues. But there’s a new resource teacher now who seems to recognize that Justin is on the verge of tuning out due to boredom, and now that his social skills are so much better they’re able to focus on enriching his mind. I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about this. My son rocks!