Bunnies and Birdies

It was pretty much a perfect Easter weekend. We used our points to fly Mom out for the weekend, and Dave drove down from Kamloops, so we had a nice family visit. Chris’s brother was also in town from Prince George, so he and Chris entertained the boys while Mom, Dave and I went golfing — we played three rounds in three days (and I birdied the last hole!) so that was awesome. I hosted Easter dinner, but that really just involved putting a ham in the slow cooker, so the whole thing was pretty stress-free. Very cool.

We actually kept forgetting it was Easter, so we didn’t really talk up the whole bunny-egg-candy thing with the kids, but they seemed to enjoy themselves. Justin took a while to warm up to the egg hunt (naturally) but once he got into it he was really into it — he even insisted on taking all the plastic eggs over to Grandpa’s house so he could hunt for them over there too. Brayden ate his Easter treats in a hurry and almost succeeded in stealing his brother’s. Good times all around.