Celebrating Brayden

We are officially past the toddler years — Brayden turned four yesterday. The day before, we had a Cars party for him (naturally) which went pretty well despite the wild and wacky weather (the kids did manage to play on the trampoline for a while in between all the snow, rain and hail). Justin was actually napping when the guests arrived, so when he woke up to a house full of people his anxiety got the better of him, and he never really got comfortable enough to join in the fun. Everyone else seemed to have a good time, though, and when I put Brayden to bed that night he told me, “All my friends came for a play date!” so he’d obviously enjoyed himself. Check out the pictures in the photo gallery.

And now that the birthday is over, it’s time to focus on Easter. My mom is coming for the weekend, as is my younger brother, plus we just found out Chris’s brother will also be in town, so the kids will be super busy. The forecast promises to be better, so I’m hoping to get out for a round of golf, but we’ll have to see.

And just 14 months from today we start our next cruise (sigh)…