The Summer Season: Sun, Fun and Endless Laundry

With kindergarten, preschool and the autism program all done for the summer, we’ve begun a new chapter around here. Both boys had cute little graduation ceremonies to end the school year, although both of them will be going back to their respective schools in the fall, so graduation didn’t really mean very much. Justin’s behavior consultant is going to do a social skills group with him this summer, so that’s good news, plus he’ll have weekly OT sessions, so we’ll see what kind of progress he makes. One of the things they’re going to work on in the group is flexibility, which is one of the big things he struggles with (I can just hear my family going, “We know where THAT comes from!”) so I’m excited to see how that will work out.

We had a kick-ass Canada Day with the boys. We went to an adventure park in Penticton that I found on the web a few days ago (I’d never heard of it before but it’s been there for 10 years, so that shows how in touch I am). After a late start, a wrong turn and a quick stop for lunch, we finally got there around noon. I thought it would be busy for Canada Day, but I guess most people were at the beach, cause we hardly had to wait around for anything. The place had a whole bunch of cool stuff: mini golf, go-karts (which Justin loved…I think he saw it as a real-life Mario Kart experience), trampolines, bumper boats and even a giant slide. It was awesome.

We leave for Prince George next week (one week til Dave and Tanya’s wedding!) I get mocked for my detailed planning, but that’s what it takes to make sure everything runs smoothly. The boys are easier to feed than they used to be, but I’m still going to bring most of the food we’ll need, just to save a few bucks and probably a lot of aggravation. I’m wondering, however, how we’re going to get through six days without doing any laundry. I seem to do a load every other hour or so when we’re at home. No sooner do I finish cleaning everybody’s clothes than someone spills their milk, has a potty accident, gets caught in a sprinkler, rolls around in a sand pit…sigh. You gotta love summer.