Backyard BBQ

Two weeks ago, when it was 30 degrees outside and the kids were running around the backyard with the water hose, I decided to plan a BBQ for all the people who have had us over in the last few months, along with a few new faces from around the neighborhood or from Justin’s class. I reasoned that I could handle a fairly lengthy guest list because the kids would be running amok in the yard rather than in my living room. And almost no one said no, so we were set for a good time. Then the weather went to s*** and we found ourselves praying that the rain would stay away long enough to at least let the kids play outside (37 people crammed into my house would not have been much fun). We got lucky — it was cloudy and a little cool, but it never actually rained, and everything went pretty much the way we’d hoped. I was too busy to get many pictures, but there are a few (check ‘em out in the photo gallery).