For the Love of Words

Chalk one up for positive thinking. I was getting slightly stressed at the thought of coming to Vancouver for this editing workshop (the idea of working in a big city often makes me feel overwhelmed and inadequate, like the small fish in a big pond who’s about to get eaten by a shark), but I’ve been focusing on the joy-of-learning aspect rather than the parlaying-this-into-a-career aspect, and so far so good. It helps that there are no assignments this time around (she talks, we listen) and thus no pressure to prove anything.

The weather is surprisingly beautiful, the instructor really seems to know her stuff and the class is small enough that it’s easy to ask questions and frame the discussion around things we really want to know. Plus it’s amazing to be in a room with people who love and appreciate words as much as I do. In short, I’m loving it. It’s a shame it only lasts for two days. At the end of tomorrow’s class there’s supposed to be a talk about career options and other courses and such, so hopefully I’ll get some ideas about where to go from here.

This whole experience rocks!