Moving With the Times

I’ve been thinking about how great it was to be able to blog each day on our last cruise using the ship’s computers, and how I would really like to take it to the next level and add photos on the go as well. Given how much the kids missed me when I was in Vancouver for two days, I think I’d also like to be able to chat with them via Skype when Chris and I go off on our cruise next year (we’ll be gone 18 days — yikes!) So I started looking into netbooks, which are designed for exactly that purpose — they’re mini laptops that let you type, surf the Net, make video calls, etc. They’re cheap, too, so I thought I’d found a great solution.

But when I mentioned this to my techie husband, he insisted that netbooks are on the way out and what we really need is an iPad. Huh. The iPad is very cool, but it and all the accessories (a separate camera connector to download photos, and a separate keyboard cause the on-screen one would drive me nuts for long blog entries, and some kind of holder to make the thing stand up while I type instead of lying flat) would cost at least twice as much as a netbook. Plus we already have an iPod Touch that has much, though not all, of the same functionality as the iPad. I dunno.

All of this is sort of moot right now anyway, since I just found out I need thousands of dollars worth of dental surgery (ugh). We’ll see how things work out.