How I Got My New Toy

It’s all in the timing. I’ve been trying to convince Chris that I need a netbook, a mini laptop that would give me a portable way to blog. He was more for an iPad cause it’s cool new technology. I needed his agreement on this because he had a Costco gift card (a bonus from work) that had enough on it for me to get a netbook basically for free, but of course he had to be willing to donate it to me. By pure coincidence, he discovered a new game on his iPod a few days ago that had him totally hooked — I think he spent three straight hours sitting there, and he only gave it up cause he got hand cramps. So while he was there in his happy place, I pointed out that the iPad is really just an overgrown iPod, only heavier and less convenient to hold. The next thing I knew, he was handing over the gift card. So now I have my netbook, and I can blog, check email, surf the Net, download and upload photos, make video calls, etc., from anywhere that has wi-fi. AWESOME.