Into the Wild


The first time we took the kids to the B.C. Wildlife Park in Kamloops, Justin was only two and Brayden was still a newborn, so we figured they’d get a lot more out of the experience if we tried it now. Dave met us for lunch and then we all went to the park together. None of the animals looked too happy, but maybe that was because they were covered in fur and it was 33 degrees outside. We saw bears, moose, porcupines, raccoons, bison, a bald eagle and a bunch of different owls.

The highlight for the kids was the little zoo train we rode that took us all around the park — the conductor even took the time to explain to Justin how the engine worked, and he let all the kids sound the whistle. The boys also enjoyed the zoo-themed playground and splash park.


When that was all over, we stopped in at Dave’s place to see Tanya and then we all went out for dinner, which was great right up until Brayden threw up all over his seat. (Long day, too much sun, plus we forced him to eat more than he wanted to…but he’s fine now.) Still, I call it a successful trip.