Travel Bug

OK, I know we got back from Europe less than three weeks ago, but we’re already looking ahead and planning some getaways. We’re taking the boys to the Great Wolf Lodge for the August long weekend, which will be their first trip to the States, so that’s cool. And naturally we’re going to Saskatoon just after Christmas (as in Boxing Day), so I booked those flights. My mom actually offered to give us a bunch of their Aeroplan points if it would help us out with flights — the points are useless at Christmas, but I did a little checking and discovered they do work for four round-trip tickets on a brand new non-stop Kelowna-to-Los Angeles service (I STILL can’t believe there’s going to be a direct flight from here to LA!), so we are off to Disneyland next spring. And thanks to the points, we got those four tickets for only $359 in taxes. You just can’t beat that.  (Thanks again Mom and Dad!)

Tomorrow we drop Justin off at the Easter Seals camp. He doesn’t seem to be anxious about it and his BI has done some prep work with him, so I think it’ll be OK. I kind of wish I could be a fly on the wall for part of it, just to see what really goes on, but I guess what happens at camp stays at camp. Apparently his counsellor will call me after the first night to let me know how he’s settling in, so that helps. Here goes nothing.