Our Little Camper

It took over two hours to get Justin checked in and settled at camp, but it wasn’t so bad: we knew a lot of the other families and we were free to wander, chat, and play while we waited (the boys really just sat in the rec room watching a movie). Justin had a few anxious moments last night and this morning, but nothing big, and once I took him through the camp’s website and showed him all the cool stuff he would be doing he was pretty stoked. As luck would have it, three of the five other boys in his buddy group are kids he knows, so it worked out just about perfectly. He was headed for the pool when we left — awesome.

And having only Brayden to watch seems like a bit of a vacation. I feel bad admitting that a load has been lifted knowing that I don’t have to deal with Justin (or with the two of them fighting) for the next five days. We might even get a break in the mornings — Justin is almost always up at the crack of dawn, but Brayden can sleep longer. This could be good.