Will the Real Justin Lee Please Stand Up?

I was hoping to be able to say that Easter Seals gave my son the best week of his life, but the jury’s still out on that one. He’s been Mr. Manic since he came home — huge giggling fits followed by some truly epic meltdowns. His counsellors tell me he was a model camper, always respectful of other people and always willing to take on a new challenge…so maybe the stress of holding it together for five days is just working itself out now. I dunno. He seemed much better this afternoon, so there is hope.

Tonight we hosted a BBQ for our Asperger group, which went amazingly well. After all of Justin’s craziness over the last couple days, we wondered how he would handle the whole thing, but he and everyone else did great.

This week Justin’s in a science camp at the college while Brayden does another preschool camp, then next weekend we’re off to the Great Wolf Lodge. Things are hopping…