The Universal Experience

It’s a good thing that wasn’t my first trip to Universal Studios. If it was, it might have bothered me to miss out on three-quarters of the attractions.

It’s not like we didn’t have fun. When the park opened we hurried off to the much-anticipated Transformers 3D ride, which impressed the kids but which left me a bit queasy. (We’re wondering if Brayden shares Mommy’s motion sickness issues, as he actually threw up in the car en route to Universal after trying to read his book on the bumpy freeway. Fortunately, I’d brought an empty ice bucket from the hotel as a backup in case one of them needed to pee…sometimes it pays to be uber-organized. But I digress.)

So the Transformers ride was a hit, but that was nothing compared to what came next: the Simpsons ride. The kids have never seen the show but they have played the iPad app with Chris plenty of times, so they knew enough about it to really get into it. They loved it so much that they insisted on getting right back in line to do it again. Good times.

We stopped for a quick bite, then went off to do the studio tour. This was probably not the best idea. It was a 35-minute wait to get on the tram, and much of the actual tour either bored or frightened the kids. By the time it was done, so were the boys. I tried to convince them to check out the Shrek 4D show or the Jurassic Park water ride, but no go. We ended up at the Curious George play area, where Brayden ran around like a wild child and Justin mostly sat and looked at the Simpsons book he bought. Still, a good day overall.

Tomorrow: Legoland…