Lovin’ the Land of Lego

When you combine Star Wars, Lego, picture-perfect weather and virtually no standing in line, you really can’t go wrong. Our boys were so pumped about going to Legoland that Justin was even excited about our parking pass because it had a picture of a Lego minifigure on it.

So expectations were high, and we weren’t disappointed. I thought we should start with some of the rides in case the place got crowded and the lines got long, but the boys headed straight for the Lego Star Wars Miniland so they could check out the Lego models of scenes from the movies. It’s amazing what people can do with a few million tiny bricks!

From there we wandered through the pirate section of the park, where Chris and the boys started doing some rides. Early on I decided to forego the rides and just focus on taking pictures, which wasn’t as boring as it sounds because there was plenty of cool stuff to look at (plus the rides are aimed at the 12-and-under set, so I wasn’t really missing out.) We also checked out the Castle Hill area, which had an actual castle, a dragon roller coaster and a pretty tame jousting ride that the kids enjoyed.

The hit of the day, though, was the AquaZone Wave Racers. This involved Chris and one of the kids in a seadoo-type thing attached to a platform that goes around in a circle. The real fun was that whoever wasn’t riding (i.e. me and the other kid) could push buttons and cause massive water explosions that drenched whichever seadoo happened to be going by. The boys each took a turn on the ride, but I think the one who was doing the button pushing actually had more fun. Chris ended up soaking wet, of course. Good times all around.

Brayden stumbled on to a room full of XBox machines where the kids could sit and play Lego games (Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, Lego Harry Potter, etc.) so naturally they stayed there for a while. It was a bit tough getting them out of there, but we lured them away with promises of ice cream. Afterward we did some shopping and watched the Chima 4D show before calling it a day. Awesome.

Tomorrrow is our final day at Disneyland, and then we fly home late tomorrow night. It was a jam-packed week, but it never felt like a death march, and we’re all still friends, so all is well. I’m not sure we’re ever going to top this one, though.

Now to pack (sigh)…