Missing My Muse

When I started my tech comm program, I remember thinking how great it was that I had a mature attitude toward schoolwork: I was in it for the knowledge and skills, not for the grades. I was eager to participate and learn whatever I could. I was keen.

Two years later, I’m mostly just tired.

The last couple courses involved learning new software and stretching my technical skills, which was good, but time-consuming and exhausting. This one was supposed to be a nice break because it’s about writing, which I like to think I know something about. But it turns out that the course focuses on the writing process, so I have to analyze the way I come up with ideas and organize my thoughts and develop an outline and all the other stuff I do more or less automatically. Sigh.

So I’m not super engaged with the material, and I can’t help thinking that the finish line is getting so close…there are only two more courses after this one, and if all goes well I’ll be done by October, and it kind of feels like my mind is celebrating a few months too early. There is still work to be done, but I’m having a hard time getting motivated. Call it the Disney effect: I can’t seem to get back into gear after our vacation.

Ho hum…