The Return of the Yelling Monster

Let me first say that I have honestly changed my behavior since my no-yelling challenge. (Really. I have witnesses.) But I must confess I had an epic meltdown this morning after Justin cried, argued or screamed about almost everything.

Justin’s list of grievances:

1.  Dad forgot to share a piece of his banana with me at breakfast.

2.  Mom only gave me three warnings that it was time to turn off the iPad, and then she TURNED IT OFF. Where did that come from?

3.  Mom refused to make my bed for me.

4.  Mom made me pack my school library books just because today is my class’s library day, even though the calendar says all books must be back by May 31st and today is only May 30th.

5.  Mom announced we were going to walk to school rather than drive like we usually do. It’s Bike to Work week, not Walk to School week. Doesn’t she get it?

6.  Mom insisted I go to the bathroom before leaving the house, even though I clearly didn’t need to go and she was wasting my time and she was making me late for school and she never lets me do what I want.

7.  Mom didn’t answer when I said I didn’t want to go to school. It’s like she hears that every day. Huh.

And all before 8 a.m. Is it too early for a drink?

1 thought on “The Return of the Yelling Monster

  1. Hi Crystal! I am still reading your blog and enjoy how you can describe motherhood…without the glam. It’s truly the most humbling job I have. Thanks for sharing!


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