Watch Out, World

You better hope I don’t plan any trips to wherever you live. A couple weeks ago we booked a cruise that starts and ends in Istanbul — and the very next day the riots in Turkey started. Then I looked at maybe going to central Europe — which promptly flooded. Then I was planning our road trip to Edmonton — which then had a tornado scare. Huh.

Our Edmonton plans got nixed anyway, as family circumstances dictate a trip to Saskatoon instead (note to Saskatonians: expect a plague of locusts). Chris was a little bummed about missing West Edmonton Mall, but overall I think this will be a more relaxing trip. The kids took the news surprisingly well — I guess maybe WEM might be a letdown after Disneyland anyway.

I’m waiting for the final marks from my latest tech writing class, but I’m not optimistic. I suppose the silver lining is that if I don’t pass, I don’t need to take the last two classes, as I won’t be graduating anyway. Argh. I’m already a bit stressed about the final course because Chris and I will be taking off for our 10-day Boston-New York-Washington trip in the middle of it..but such is life.

Happy Father’s Day!