Summer Holidays: 10 Days Down, 57 to Go

Not that I’m counting.

Actually, it hasn’t been too bad. It helps that we spent a week in Saskatoon, where there were lots of relatives to keep the kids occupied, and where the food and drink was abundant and free (thanks Mom!) It also helps that the boys are old enough that I don’t need to watch them every second. But after 10 months of having the house to myself for a big chunk of the day, it’s a little disconcerting to have the kids around 24/7. Thankfully they’re doing a gymnastics camp this week that will give me a few hours to myself in the mornings.

And I need that time. I’m plodding through the second-last course in my technical communication program, and “plodding” is definitely the best word. It’s hard to get motivated when I’ve handed in three major assignments and haven’t had feedback on any of them yet. I STILL don’t know if I even passed the last class, and that one ended a month ago. And that @&$! instructor will also be teaching the final class. Great.

At least it’s sunny…