Landing in London

It took only four and a half hours to travel the 413 miles from Edinburgh to London via train. But it took almost an hour to travel the 5.5 miles from the train station to our hotel via subway. Welcome to the big city.

Our hotel is lovely and conveniently located, but has no free wifi (gasp), so Starbucks is my new home away from home. Neither Chris or I drink coffee, but we love their cheap breakfast sandwiches, and they offer free and unlimited wifi, so I’m officially a fan now.

And London is not all bad. It’s easily 10 degrees warmer here than it was up north. And the hotel is several orders of magnitude better than the one we were just in, so I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing evening. You know, once I leave this coffee shop.

Tomorrow we start exploring. Stay tuned…

Starbucks: my new home away from home

Starbucks: my new home away from home