Hitting a Winner: Day 2 in London

As a longtime tennis fan and lover of history, I’ve always thought of Wimbledon as a must-see. But despite having been to London a few times before, I’ve never managed to get out to the fabled courts. So that was priority 1 today.

The tour covered the grounds, the show courts, and the press interview room, along with a museum dedicated to the history of the game in general and that facility in particular. The winners’ trophies were on display, and John MacEnroe even made an appearance via hologram to talk about his Wimbledon experiences. It was all awesome.

We covered a lot of other ground today, too: we toured the Churchill war rooms and walked around taking pictures of the standard London sights (Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, etc). We are officially out of new things to see, but we have one more day, so we’ll have to revisit some classics.

Time to give the feet a rest…