A Path Through the Pineapples

At the Dole Plantation in central Oahu, you can tour the gardens, see how pineapples are grown, and take a mini train ride through the site to learn about the role that pineapples have played in Hawaii’s history. We didn’t bother with any of that, though. The kids were only interested in one thing: completing the world’s largest maze.

The maze consists of 2.5 miles of paths through three acres of pineapple plants. The staff tell you not to worry about getting lost, since they give you a postcard-sized map of the route, but we were too busy chasing the kids to notice if we were anywhere close to where we were supposed to be. We finished the maze in 45 minutes, which didn’t set any speed records, but which felt like a huge victory. We celebrated with lunch in the cafe and of course a special treat of pineapple-flavored ice cream. Good times.

When we got back to Waikiki, Brayden and Chris went off to the U.S. Army Museum. We walked past it every time we went to the beach and Brayden had been wanting to check it out. They got up close and personal with tanks, missiles, and even a Cobra attack helicopter — all for free. Awesome.

To Pearl Harbor tomorrow…