On Board a Battleship: Our Day at Pearl Harbor

The kids got to walk through a real-life battleship when we toured the USS Missouri today. Launched in 1944 and in and out of service until 1992, the Mighty Mo has been a museum ship at Pearl Harbor since 1998. It was the last battleship ever commissioned by the U.S. Navy and was the site of the surrender of Japan at the end of WWII, a fact that Brayden found particularly cool.

We opted for a guided tour, hoping to get an insider’s view of the history and workings of the ship. Unfortunately, our guide had such a thick Phillippino accent that we could hardly understand a word he said. Justin was so bored that I had to warn him not to yawn while the guy was still talking. When the tour ended, though, we were free to explore on our own. Both boys enjoyed seeing the massive guns, and the various missiles, and the Combat Engagement Center, where they could sit in the chairs and pretend to control the ship.

There were some neat exhibits around the visitor’s center, too. Brayden loved the torpedoes and machine guns on display, and both kids seemed fascinated by the submarine con tower where they could push buttons, spin wheels, and even look through periscopes. Cool stuff.

Brayden was so interested in everything that he spent most of an hour researching the Missouri on Wikipedia when we got back to the hotel. Huh.

One more day in paradise…