Our (Half) Day at the Beach

So we spent the day at Castaway Cay. More specifically, we spent most of the day circling Castaway Cay. High winds and choppy seas stymied the captain’s first two attempts to dock at Disney’s private Bahamian island, so we had to pull away and circle around waiting for better conditions.

That was not what anybody wanted to hear after two straight days at sea, but the crew did an exceptional job of keeping passenger spirits up. A bunch of characters did meet-and-greets in the atrium, plus a crew member tapped me on the shoulder and offered the four of us a special photo op with Chewbacca (!) so that was pretty cool.

We finally docked on the third attempt, a full five hours late. The weather certainly was cloudy, cool and windy, but the kids still had fun. Justin splashed around a bit and then discovered the basketball court; Brayden and I had one go at the huge waterslide and then he busied himself building a sand fortress. I’d call it an OK afternoon.

The cruise ends early tomorrow morning (sob), then we’re planning to see Kennedy Space Center before catching a late flight home. It’s been a great trip, but we’re all ready to have some time away from each other. This family togetherness thing is getting old.

Back to the snow…