To the Stars: Exploring the Kennedy Space Center

I’ve never been inclined toward science, but space is cool, and the Kennedy Space Center is an awesome outing (certainly better than sitting in the airport for eight hours, which was our only other option.) We inspected the space shuttle Atlantis, now permanently docked at the center. We saw a Saturn V rocket. We witnessed a re-enactment of the Apollo 8 launch. We even rode a space shuttle simulator.

And that was just the cool stuff for the adults. There were all kinds of interactive experiences for the kids, too — landing the shuttle, crawling through a replica of the International Space Station, and sliding down a huge drop that simulates how steep and fast the shuttle lands. We had five hours at the center and didn’t even get to do everything, and it was only one-third the cost of Universal Studios. In short, it rocked.

Another vacation done…