The Shortest Walking Tour Ever

You can’t win em all. Today was supposed to be about a walking tour of the Lower Town of old Quebec City with an extended stop at the Musee de Civilisation. But chilly temperatures and 56 kph winds made for extremely unpleasant walking conditions, and it turned out the museum is closed on Mondays. So we took a few pictures and were back on the ship by 9:30 am. Huh.

Still, we managed to have a pretty good day. We don’t normally get too involved in onboard activities, but I wanted to make more of an effort to do that this time, so we joined in some group games of Scattergories, trivia, and Taboo. We were the only ones in the room under the age of 70 (it’s definitely not a young crowd on this ship) but we still had fun. We even won at Taboo, so that was kind of cool.

Tonight we have a special dinner at the Italian restaurant on board, then there’s a comedy show in the theatre, and then we’re off to our next port.

Day at sea tomorrow (sigh)…