Keeping Busy On Board

I used to complain that sea days were boring, but that was back when I tried to occupy myself with sitting by the pool all day. We’re staving off boredom by getting involved in lots of activities. We’ve gone to the gym, played group board games, seen a comedy show, done a line dancing class (that one was just me) and watched a beer stein lifting contest. Who knew we could be so social?

About the beer steins…the ship is celebrating Oktoberfest today, so that’s been a theme for many of the happenings onboard. We played a round of Oktoberfest trivia this morning (we met a couple from California that enjoys trivia as much as we do, so we team up together for all the group games) and we actually knew most of the answers, but no one could beat the team of five ladies from Germany.

The atrium is all decked out with banners depicting beer steins, giant pretzels and other symbols of the great German festival. They had a bit of polka dancing and then brought three guys out of the audience to see who could hold two full beer steins straight out to their sides the longest. Chris, who didn’t actually participate, was disappointed that the steins only contained water — claimed the lack of beer would kill his motivation.

And yes, I actually took part in a line dancing class. I always thought of line dancing as only for country music, but we learned routines for Mambo Number 5 and Thriller as well as Achy Breaky Heart. Picture me and 200 seniors bumping into each other on a tiny dance floor. It was a total blast. Thankfully there are no photos.

More trivia in a bit, then dinner, then a champagne waterfall thing with the captain, then maybe a song-and-dance number on the main stage. Nice.

Corner Brook tomorrow…