Kayaking on the Cancun Lagoon

We are not what you would call an adventurous family. Given my motion sickness problems and Justin’s anxiety issues, many of the most popular activities in Cancun (snorkeling, scuba diving, speedboating, ziplining) are a no-go for our group. So I was pretty excited when I discovered a marina near our resort would let us borrow pedal boats for free — we could explore the lagoon in leisurely comfort and never have to get wet. We even convinced another family we know to join us on this little outing. Perfect.

But things didn’t go quite according to plan. The guys at the marina explained that the current was too strong for pedal boats, and that we’d be wasting our time trying to manoeuvre around that way. So we went with double kayaks instead. This required a lot more energy and a lot more coordination, neither of which was in great supply.  Brayden was more interested in ramming the other kayaks than actually contributing to the navigation; I finally gave up and told him to just sit still and let me do all the paddling. Still, it was a good time. Here’s hoping I can lift my arms tomorrow.

After a lunch in which my three boys ate a combined total of four hamburgers, two hot dogs and four plates of fries (we are really getting our money’s worth at that buffet), it was back to the beach, where the kids spent the better part of three hours getting sand into every possible orifice. Good times.

Tonight we’re having dinner with our friends at the resort’s Italian restaurant, which will be a nice change from the line-up-at-the-trough experience of the main buffet.

Day trip to Chichen Itza tomorrow!