The Mightiest Mayan Ruins: Chichen Itza

As I repeatedly explained to my children: today was for me. The rest of this trip (the kids club, the beach, the waterslides, the basketball court) was designed to make them happy, but today was about letting Mommy get her history fix. And if that meant sitting on a bus for 2.5 hours each way, with nothing to do but watch movies and drink pop and eat snacks and play iPad, then so be it.

So we headed off on a tour of the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza (or as Brayden called it: “chicken pizza.”) There are other ruins closer to Cancun, but the ones at Chichen Itza are the largest and most famous, so that’s where I wanted to go. 

We started out with sincere intentions of following the guide, but after 10 minutes of standing in the heat listening to him ramble on in a dry monotone, the kids were close to mutiny. So we bailed on the tour and just wandered around on our own. It was hotter than Hades and we had only a vague idea what we were looking at, but it was still a neat experience. We even managed to get a photo of all of us smiling in front of the famous pyramid. Nice.

Lunch was in a charming restaurant in the colonial town of Vallodolid, and included traditional foods of the Yucatan as well as typical American fare. The boys ate Mayan chicken and a few actual vegetables (gasp) in addition to their hot dogs and fries, so I was pretty happy. The buffet also included unlimited Corona, so Chris was pretty happy too. We had some free time after lunch to wander around the old town center, but we were out of steam by then (hot as Hades!) so we plopped down in the shade and watched Chris play Bejewelled until the bus arrived.

Our final stop was at a cenote, an underground sinkhole. There are thousands of them all over the Yucatan, and they’re a popular way of cooling off. Our guide noted that this particular cenote was unsuitable for swimming, however, as it sits in the middle of the city and the water is almost certainly contaminated with sewage…but we saw a few people floating around in the water, so clearly not everyone got that memo. Yuck.

A long day, but a good day overall.

Relaxing at the resort tomorrow…